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Not without reason, the Caribbean is THE dream destination, which is always first mentioned by tourists. The mixture of white sand beaches, turquoise blue sea, cheerful locals coupled with lively rhythms and an incredibly beautiful nature with a speciose fauna and flora, makes the Caribbean the holiday destination number one.


Lesser Antilles are a group of islands in the eastern Caribbean, which extends from the Virgin Islands to the coast of Venezuela in the south and forms the West Indies together with the Bahamas and the Great Antilles.


With TNCB – Bonaire, TNCC – Curacao and TNCM St. Maarten, the IVAO division of the Netherlands Antilles has 3 international airports and numerous smaller airfields. But it should not be concealed, that this small division is home of three airfields, which are among the top 10 in the Dangerous Airport Ranking.


The ultra-short slope in TNCS (SABA), the dive on the Runway 10 in TFFJ (St. Barthelmy) and the offset VOR Approach Runway 10 to TNCM (St. Maarten).


Outgoing from the airports in our division, we offer in our AN Tour System numerous VFR and IFR flights to regional as well as international destinations, whether it is short VFR hopping to neighbouring islands or international long-haul flights to Africa, Europe, Russia, North or South America.


Pilots can choose from a tour database either the flights which are of interest to them independently, or return to the starting point in the course of a classic Round Robin Tour.


The DIV VFR and the IFR Award / LH IFR Award can already be acquired from the tour database.


See below the table, how many points you need for the respective tour award: 


IFR - 50 points

LH IFR - 150 points

VFR - 40 points

Festival Tour - 32 points 

InterCaribbean Tour - 20 points

Delta Air Lines Tour - 37 points

Air Antilles Tour - 17 points

Cargo Long Haul Tour - 97 points

Skyfall Tour - 44 points 



After completing five Tours you'll be awarded with our Division Tour Expert Award



So you are interested to fly our tours ? Great, but before you start flying, please take the time to start free registration first Now enjoy your flights and many happy landings, we wish you as much fun as we had when we created this tour system. Your AN Tour System Team


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AN Skyfall Tour

My name is Bond..............James Bond.


Welcome, this is a Tour dedicated to the greatest Secret Agent of all time, the only, the true, the inimitable 007 ......... The character of James Bond was born from the pen of the writer Ian Flemming in the early 50's, deals with the story of a secret English agent whose identification number is 007 where the double zero is the license to kill.


During his vicissitudes, the secret agent, as well as colliding with his enemies and fighting with the most sophisticated and imaginative gadgets that Mr. Q provides him, always appears alongside beautiful women who over time have earned the name of Bondgirl.


The first film in the series was shot in 1962 and is "Dr.No" the actor a memorable Sean Connery then continues to play 007 until 1971 with the film "Diamonds Are Forever" then passing the baton to Roger Moore with the film " Live and Let Die " in 1973, followed by Timothy Dalton from 1987 and Pierce Brosnan from 1995 to get to Daniel Craig from 2006 with the legendary "Casino Royale".


In this Tour you will fly to the main airports that have been touched by his films; the Tour has been divided into 3 blocks that are preceded by a story, at the end of each leg flew, you will have to answer a question contained in the story in order to fly the next leg......


Are you ready 00 - Agents ......... well ….. before you start, please read the "RULES" & every "LEG DETAILS PAGE" to avoid some unwanted effects.


This Tour requires a separate Tour scenery package that you need to download. Please follow this procedure, it's MANDATORY:


AN Skyfall Tour 2019 Scenery Installation Guide  -  Click HERE


After completing this Tour you will be awarded with our Division Pilot Skills Award



Tour open until: 31.12.2019

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